The Life Saving Straw – LifeStraw

LifeStraw.jpgA Danish innovator Torben Frandsen, invented the LifeStraw which allows drinking water straight from polluted sources such as lakes and rivers. The LifeStraw is a straw that looks like a flute and has several filters inside. It is capable of filtering the worst of bacterias such as E.Coli. They claim that even drinking from the notoriously polluted river in London ”Thames” is no problem. It is priced at $3.50 a straw. Each one will last for around 700 litres, around six months to a year. WaterCarry.jpg
Perhaps associations will do everything so that this device be delivered for free just like condoms are in some countries. $3.50 might not sound much but in most countries that the LifeStraw might be needed, the people earn less than a dollar a day. The LifeStraw is far from being distributed all over the world even if they are lowering the costs by producing it in China.

As for the taste…
“You might still taste some of the algae, but you could do it, no problem.”
“You’d definitely have a bacteria-free drink,”
The LifeStraw will not solve the water problems but atleast it will make the water safer and taste better.


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