Lifestyle of Monte Carlo’s Billionaires – Documentary

With two thousands millionaires and fifty billionaires, Monaco – Monte Carlo is the richest place on earth. Who are these rich and how do they spend their time and money? An interesting look by Piers Morgan on their lifestyle and if you want to see more of this bling bling shablang, check out “The Richest People Of The Middle East“. What do I think of this? I think it is unacceptable to have so many poor people in the world lacking water and food. 16’000 children die every day from hunger around the world. Take a pause and examine that number again, thats 16’000 children who die everyday from hunger. And not a single comment in this documentary is about that. But if you are looking for a good documentary to open your eyes about the gap between the rich and poor, check out a documentary called “The End Of Poverty“.

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  1. Alek October 26, 2014
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