The Secrets of Sugar – The Sweet Killer – Documentary

We’ve heard about the dangers of eating too much fat or salt. But there has never been a warning about sugar on our food labels – despite emerging research that suggests the sweet stuff is making more of us fat and sick. Years ago I posted the documentary about aspartame “diet coke can kill” and to my surprise it generated a lot of interest. Considering most of our traffic comes from USA, I didn’t think that readers would find it fascinating. So here is another one in this genre but which is a lot more serious because we consume so much more of it, sugar. Sugar seems to be the culprit for many diseases. If at the end of this documentary you are wondering what the difference between fruits and sugar is, check out this video. Basically fruits contain fiber and vitamins to help us digest fructose, the poison inside sugar. But raw sugar as we consume it, has none of those benefits making it a poison to our bodies. Check out also “The Truth about Monsanto“, a documentary taking you inside the corporation who wants to own and patent vegetables and crops.
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