What If the Empty Space (Dark Matter) Was In Reality Electricity?

We all know about the theory how empty space or also called dark matter is well present all over the universe. But what if that theory was wrong and that it is in reality electricity? That could change the way scientists view the universe and change our perception of things. The following documentary supports the idea that electricity or more precisely plasma is the main force in the universe. VIDEO-> Called the Thunderbolts Project it proposes that much of the currently observable phenomena of deep space can be intelligently explained by already known principles of electricity. This extraordinary new theory also redefines ancient history, linking rock art images carved in basalt 5,000 years ago with identical images found only in Hubble photographs of deep space or in photographs of recently declassified high-energy plasma discharge experiments generated in a billion dollar lab.
It offers remarkably simple explanations for ‘black holes’, ‘dark matter’, the electric sun, comets that are NOT made of ice, planetary scarring and many other ‘mysterious’ phenomena.

Electric Universe Introduction – Predictions and Surprises

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