What Makes a Person? Corporate and Non-Human Personhood

The controversial decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Citizen’s United case introduced many people to the concept of ‘corporate personhood’ for the first time. Opponents of the ruling believe it opens the door for massive corruption, while supporters see the decision as a defense of the right to free speech. But what exactly is corporate personhood?

Part 2

The term ‘nonhuman personhood’ might sound paradoxical, but groups of scientists, activists and ethicists are campaigning to give cetaceans, primates and elephants the right to legal personhood. For supporters this move is long overdue, but critics note that our species still hasn’t been able to deliver basic rights to millions of actual human beings.

Part 3

Around the globe, around 12 million people are legally stateless – but what is this condition, and how does it occur?

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