World’s smallest Helicopter

Picoflyer is the world’s smallest helicpoter. Its about the size of a 9V battery  and can fly for about 1min on a full charge. I supposed that the best purpose for this helicopter would be with the military. Thats if they can make it run for longer than a minute. Click more for the picture.

Key benefits of the helicopter:
* Absolutely stable without the use of any gyros or autopilots
* There are no servos, actuators, rods, links, gears or other moving part
* The whole helicopter is operated and controlled by 3 electric motors
* Forward flight is achieved by tilting the helicopter with the tail propeller
* The rotor blades are encircled by a ring that supports and protects them
* It is very efficient, all the power is used to generate lift
* It is silent, the mechanical drives and the rotors generate very little noise
* There are no vibrations
* It is safe

Via ProxFlyer

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