WTF Is This Flying Object on Mars?

On this very interesting photo taken from the Mars Curiosity rover and displayed on NASA’s website, we can see a rather strange object flying in the distance. It looks to be an actual object out there in the background. Look at the shading around its edges. The shading gets lighter at the edges indicating this is a real object out there with sun light reflecting more on its top than on its bottom. And no, it is not a dust particle because it is not on any other images.

Check out the raw image from NASA’s site:

Strange light on Mars

Check out this other rather strange photo from the Curiosity Rover which capture a flash of light on Mars. Full article from here.

The rational explanation is that this is nothing more than light reflecting bright from some object on the ground, a rock. Or it might be light coming through part of the camera housing. Either way that’s one BRIGHT column of light appearing in this picture and of course UFO enthusiasts are all over it. Do reflections form columns? Weird.

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