Airplane Toy – Feel like a pilot!

Made by a Canadian inventor this toy is the coolest airplane toy I have ever seen. Thanks to a camera installed, the plane transmits the video signal directly to the virtual reality goggles. As the operator tilts his head the camera moves accordingly because it is equipped with a gyroscope sensor. Giving the operator the impression of being the pilot. Too bad it is just a DIY toy.

Via Gizmodo

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  • mark

    this is the best fucking toy i ever saw

    and i thought a model rocket that took a photo was cool!

    technology rocks

  • The Judge

    That was awsome. If a company could put something like this together and put it on the market for R/C buffs, it would make a fortune.

    Nicely done. Bravo!

  • John

    That’s the coolest thing ever. I’d buy that in a minute. Make it and they will come! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mark Tallen

    Excellent video, great setup, I want one!

  • how could I get one ?

  • drew

    Yea, it would be cool to see this in make magazine!

  • PJ6

    Don’t hold your breath, guys – the VR goggles alone are $2,000. The whole setup is probably over $6,000.

  • Janitor

    trรจs frais. Encore!!!

  • mgz

    ..It’s not that hard to make, only needs some patience and money. LOTS of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dan

    Ooo… how does he overcome the motion sickness with the lag in reponse? That would make me hurlllll.

  • MM

    An interesting enhancement would be to telemeter back to the ground the pitch, yaw and roll of the plane to drive a pilot’s chair pitch, yaw and roll (with some inversions) using gravity to give a complete sensation of forces to the pilot

  • Moon

    Actually, it looks like the goggles are only about $500 and the rest of stuff is cheap, as well.

    From here:

  • maybe the military would catch on to fly these little planes without detection from the ground have two cameras that tilt and one would be to zoom in to the smallest detail and the other would be to keep it level in the air would have to have two camera operators one being the pilot in command the other the camera controller for the zoom feature. also would need to have a ity bity generator to keep the motor going without having to use the batt. the batt. would be a backup if something fails i would recomend two batt. and two recievers working symultainausly. it also needs to have a global positioning system using just a laptop so they can fly this unmanned aerial vehicle to several thousand miles without worry use the hubble telescope to zoom down on the plane real time video when u want to to know the land features this way the military can go hunt down osoma bin laden without him hearing the plane. the motor would have to be brushless and super quiet with a real effient carbon fiber prop. the paint scheme would have to appear invisible to the eye so you can’t detect it in the sky and another thing try to make it invisible to radar although that would be hard with the electric motor as it would give off some energy and would be detected on the radar screen. i think the military out to look into something like this without geussing where the hell osoma bin laden is

  • Mon

    Actually, the goggles are only around $500. A lot of this stuff is cheaper than you think.

  • Heywood Jablomie

    Strap some c-4 and a remote detonator to it and you have a cheap cruise missile.

  • David Upton

    WOW! I produced a video in 1997 called INCAB-RC Videolink. A complete instruction guide for building and installing a videoink in an RC Aircraft. Supercircuits still sells it I believe. We also used the IO display but I never had the opportunity to complete my passion as this inventor has. True, full on VR flying! I salute you sir to an outstanding job in the simplest and cleanest install imaginable on the civilian market. Thank you sir. Dave Upton

  • MARK

    i agree with you heywood..if they came out on sale i wonder how long it would take of of our jihadi friends to work out if you could strap a morter shell to it….

  • JH

    The U.S. Department of Defense will definitely be interested in this “toy”.

  • mike h

    Actually they are not capable of a very heavy load. I have a plane that can carry 2 eggs at a time (dont ask what for haha) so your payload is very limited. Just one grenade would make this plane drop like a rock.

  • nilbert

    I want to have one how cost

  • AC

    How about 2 cameras side by side, then you could take a passenger!



  • Voo

    Someone could install a small handheld GPS unit where the planes instrument panel is and use it for Search and Rescue.. locating lost hikers..detecting hot spots in forest fires.. even aerial photography..

  • Curtis

    hmmmm….quiet interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like designing also….how is this Remote Plain Powered? And great job on promoting innovation

  • Anonymous

    this shit suxx balls hahaha

  • Daanng i wish i could own this. Where or how do i buy this. Ik its a couple figures but i can pay for it .

  • Airplane toys especially those remote control toys will let you experience the excitement that a pilot feel while driving an airplane in the sky.