ATM Card Catcher

Take a look why you should always be questioning and never leave without your bank card when it gets stuck in the ATM machine. VIDEO->

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  • kev

    alright check this out – if alex’s card catcher catches the card and stops it being read … how is it possible for that person to enter there pin if nothing comes up on the screen?

  • Anonymous

    most people put in their card and without looking just type in their pin #.

  • Most ATMs give you the option to put in your pin regardless if the machine can read your card. Its when you try and make a transaction that the atm displays a message telling you to contact your bank because the card cannot be read. The entire scam is alittle far fetched, but plausable. The only real way to find out is trial and error. (but I wouldnt want to be that guy in cuffs at a local mall)

  • jay

    The criminal dosent needdont the pin number if your card has a visa or mastercard symbol… All they have to do is make purchases as credit in a wallmart or kmart

  • DaltonWeimer

    the card catcher can also be made from clear plastic idiots