Programmable Soda Bottles

Ipfini is offering us the ability to select our soda’s flavor even after it has been purchased. Each bottle is filled with carbonated sugar water and has additive buttons on its side for flavor, aroma and color, which allow for up to 32 combinations of soda. Obviously once the button is pressed you need to shake the flavor generously. And then open the bottle to have the whole content splashed in your face ?

Via Gizmodo

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  • Bry.Spy.Ikon

    Sounds like a bunch crap idea…a whole lot of thought went into this one for sure…lol

  • idiotic.

  • Anticore

    Crap… Too inefficient for real production. No smart investor would tackle this.. Cool idea for a Sci-Fi movie though.

  • Joe_Soda

    This is definitly a good marketting ploy. millions of sugar junky kids around the globe would buy this just for the novelty of the item. Good idea, make your millions, then sell the patents to COKE or Pepsi so they can squash the competition.

  • Matt

    The problem I see with this is people just punching the additive buttons in the store and not buying them. So then if you want one, the only options you have are Lemon lime+cola+cherry or Diet Cola+ orange+ rootbeer.


  • geoff

    This idea was stolen from google’s “april fools day” prank a little while back.

  • LAWL ya i like it that means i push button then shake then when i open it. it all over me what a great ideal

  • I read a SciFi story some time ago about such a product. The main actor was addicted by the soda and wasn’t able to live his life on his own. The company had to pay for his life and everything … sad story, but a good idea 😉

  • poolman09

    you know it could still work pretty well because you just have to punch the button really hard or just open it then add the flavors together and then u drink it… no big deal

  • luis


  • poolman09

    how do u mean? at least i thought about it and gave it a try, instead of givin up like a quiter

  • i

    haha comment

  • belive it or not this is my invention, who stole this from me,invention company or friends,,?
    i have a original drawing for it with date..
    who is behind this idea i like to know?