Salt Water Fuel

This American inventor was looking for a cure for cancer when he realized that his salt water experiment burned salt water. This might be very similar to HHO Gas but for now he can only produce a flame from salt water using radio waves. HHO Gas is derived from water and is now well proven to be an efficient source of energy but is not used with salt water which makes this “salt water fuel” discovery even more interesting. VIDEO->

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  • Love these videos, In my school time I heard about salt water and its different chemical reaction and experiments, Thanks for sharing all the above information, I appreciate this creativity and source of information.

  • With the price of gas going up, greenhouse gases, and global warming creating a change in the climate of the world, a water powered car is considered a long-awaited answer to the rising cost of living and the pace of environmental degradation. This idea has grown to almost mythological proportions. Is it real? Is it even feasible? Unfortunately, 100% water trucks or vehicles are still in the experimental stage.