The Effects Of MacBok Air On Other Laptops

I feel sorry for my own laptop as I am blogging from it right now and I feel the message that this video clip is trying to deliver. With the MacBook Air future laptop models will have to be thinner and look skinnier. All the other older models like mine are out of date and feel like they need a diet. My little toshiba is in tears now. VIDEO->

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  • Nah, I’m still sticking with abilities over vanity. I’d rather carry a few extra pounds if it means higher specs, with average costs, than say neat looking lightweight that will drain the bank. Everything gets outdated so quickly anyways might as well save some cash for the next big advance.

  • thats true, you have a good point…
    but we can expect manufacturers to use MacBook Air as a starting point when designing new laptops. Just like with the iPod, every second MP3 players looks similar to the iPod now.

  • This is helarious, thanks for sharing!
    Still, I’m not moving to it 😉 I will stick with my fantastic HP for the time being

  • hahahahahaha the vomiting part was the killer!