They Are Censoring Your Reality

In this video, from August 4th 2008, Alex discusses in detail the serious issue of Internet censorship and how it is affecting us. The only winners of this censorship are the governments and corporate oligarchies who want to severely restrict our freedom of speech and our ability to acquire factual information from independent news sites. If you sit by and do nothing about the info you hear in this video, you are effectively kissing goodbye to the Internet as we know it. By 2012, the ‘powers-that-be’ plan to turn the Internet into nothing more than a glorified cable TV system where access to anything other than mainstream sites will be highly restricted – just like in communist China. We cannot allow this to happen. VIDEO->

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  • Anonymous

    Great description

  • alex

    This guy is spewing unbelievable amounts of bullshit.

  • alex

    If they were censoring, why would we be able to watch this?

  • Robb

    just give it a few days – there is footage of 911 that used to be available on the web that isnt anymore…if there is any credibility to these claims we can expect it to no longer work within the next weeks.

  • Anonymous

    Is this guy for real?

  • yo should know that there was a joke about a bombing in aus in october or was it fact given in secret way????

  • anonymous

    After watching this video through, this is just propaganda to get their websites unblocked. So I asked the question, why are these websites being blocked and I found that the content in these websites are good however it is being used as a vehicle for hate through the comments (especially the gaza conflict related articles). If Alex was serious about censorship and getting his articles read, he would add a comment filtering system to filter out the hate comments that do not add anything so that an educated debate can happen. But until that point, I completely understand why schools would be filtering some of this content.