Toothbrush piercing


Never been a huge fan of piercings but this is so smart that I might change my mind.

Prototype designed by Hadji Moloudi at the Ecole Conntonale des Arts de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Via wmmn

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  • moloudi hadji

    please… it would be so nice if my name was spelt corretly: Moloudi Hadji

  • The correction has been made.
    Sorry about that.

    Great Design !

  • moloudi hadji

    thank you very much!!!

  • laura


  • monica

    wow wut will tech come out with next??

  • mike

    looks fake

  • man that shit look like it hurt and it also look like your to lazy to burshyour teeth the regular way. but what can i say, i’m not the with that shit in my mouth. but do what you do.

  • that is like so cool i thinnk i’m gonna get piercings but not that much just my tongue, lip, eyebrow and that’s about it for now. *:)*