TOP 20 Japanese Commercials

In the past few days I have received an impressive amount of links and many videos from alot of you. Curiously, 12 videos were all Japanese commercials. This led me to take a trip over the internet looking for the best Japanese commercials. To my surprise, the net is full of them and some are pretty funny! Here are my best 20 ! Thanks to HighT3ch readers I am now aware that 8 commercials listed are not Japanese. Those are 9,6,5,4,3 and 1. Thanks to all who helped me figure this out.

If the videos on your browser start to skip, try refreshing the page.
If you see nothing but numbers and video description is updating, be patient.
Very old commercial but the monkey’s expression is timeless.

I guess Milk helps everywhere and everyone.

Poor little cockroach, got ambushed !

We get Ronald McDonald and they get that ? Not fair !

This is Arnold representing USA in Japan with his unhuman laugh.

Talk about being in love with Sushi…

You still think that kids are the same everywhere ?

Darth Vader is popular in Japan as well.

What did they do to deserve this ?

This is why I only drink water.

Pretend you can’t hear anything and you will be happy.

Marijuana addiction is an issue, tea addiction is another one.

Tiger Woods can’t swing like this. Ha !

You need to order in Japan! Need To!

Feel sorry, we can all end up like this man.

Always know where you get your parts from.

Tree catching is an ancient discipline, the strong survive.

Korean – Banned commercial. For good reasons ? (NSFWish)

Quick conclusion.

Born to be !

If I missed any good ones feel free to post them.

Here is another one, Im not sure if this is a commercial or an art project.
Inochi is the little alien guy who gets it up everytime.

Another really weird one…

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  • Heh, number 9 and 15 are my favorites 🙂

  • spike

    Top20 japanese commercial? How come I see chinese and korean commercials in there?

  • Good point ! 🙂 I was waiting for that one 🙂
    Its because those two commercials were written as Japanese from the site i got them from. I only realized they were not Japanese after I have posted them.
    If anyone has two good Japanese commercials I will be happy to replace the two non-japanese ones 🙂

  • Shko

    For your information, numbers 6,5,4,3 and 1 all do NOT come from Japan.

  • MistaPrimeMinista

    I suppose I should have checked my sources first.

    If anyone feels offended, you got my apologies 🙂

  • Jessica

    #9, the Tea commertial, is not Japanese. It’s Thai.

  • kraken

    #2 is not japanese.
    It’s french actually 😡

  • littletoyman

    Who cares where they come from, I can’t read, speak or understand Japanese, Korean, Chinese or French, most were visually funny. MY favorites were 15, 3 and 2.

  • There is a thing except Japan.
    But interesting thing and eroticism are common throughout the whole country!
    I was interesting

  • JimNasium

    Hate to be a dick too, but some of these aren’t commercials either. But hey, you got the “20” right

  • John

    One of the ads is in spanish.

  • danny

    Where can you find number 7?

  • Natalcia

    LOVED #3!! HILARIOUS! Get’s ur mind working eh!? LMAO!

  • Fire Gold Rush
  • waruguchi

    #15 is a comedy sketch, from a show called Mecha-mecha Ikeru, I believe. Still, funny stuff. 🙂

  • tingting

    all gooks no matter

  • YOu missed the one best japanese CM

    also ther’s the pepsiman CM that is awesome!

  • Ohyes

    #3 was AMAZING

  • josh

    it should be top 20 “asian ” commercials, not all of them are jap.

  • Hey, you missed the best japanese campaign ever!

    Cup Noodle 1

    Cup Noodle 2

    Cup Noodle 3


  • Very nice!

  • There’s more to life

  • als je nog eens met jappen komt te werken

  • These are the languages:

    9 – Japanese but the voice-over isn’t at the end. (Is this Thai?)
    6 – Korean
    5 – Spanish
    4 – Chinese
    3 – Korean, as you have down.

    Number 1 is Japanese.

  • Oh, just read Jessica’s comment. Number 9 is Thai then, as I guessed.

  • rabid rilo

    does anyone know the source of the music behind #14 (the nintendo commercial)

  • Yes, #15 is a comedy sketch from “Mecha Mecha Iketeru!” which is known as “Mechaike” for short. It’s a long-running and very funny comedy show.

  • American in Tokyo

    Great collection, it’s a shame that several of the Videos arn’t Japanese (as posted earlyer), and one isn’t even a comercial (#15), but a conseptual commercial like what you would find on SNL.
    Nice collection though.

  • Tim

    No sound on most of them?

  • origami

    #4 was actually a commercial for Fox Sports from a few years back. There was also a Russian slapping contest (with a chess-like clock, I believe) and something else. All pointing out silly “foreign” sports, all hilarious.

  • excenllent!!!

  • Michel K.

    #6 is Thai too…

  • My favorite Japanese cockroach spray comercial. The Korean singer is Epaksa.

  • dude! really funny videos you collected. 🙂

  • Eroom

    No. 3 was not banned

  • Ant

    #7 is gone!

  • caipirina

    The japanese bounce girl should have made the top 20

  • so funny, i like number 7 and 10…

  • “TOP 20 Japanese Commercials”

  • T

    These are supposed to be Japanese commercials, but a few are not even Japanese. Like number 6, that’s a Thai commercial.

  • JOeeY

    # 6 is THAI
    # 9 is THAI

  • As mentioned earlier, #2 is French, Mikado is the French brand name for pocky there.

  • Pablo

    The music behind #14 is Kojima Mayumi singing Hatsukoi.

  • Yes, the cup noodle series are the best.
    the one I like most is the ‘fishing with bait” episode.

  • Korean and chinese is Japaneses too?

    stupid list…

  • they don’t seem to come all from japan but awesome post anyway!

  • FOX

    TOP 20 Japanese Commercials? – Hah! It’s not really! X-(

    #19 is NOT CM.
    #15 is NOT CM.
    #14 is NOT JAPANESE.
    #09 is NOT JAPANESE.
    #06 is NOT JAPANESE.
    #05 is NOT JAPANESE.
    #04 is NOT JAPANESE.
    #03 is NOT JAPANESE.
    #02 is NOT JAPANESE.
    #01 is NOT JAPANESE.

    Those language and those culture are QUITE DIFFERENT though features are like to the Japanese. TRY TO STUDY!!!
    (I’m a Japanese student.)

  • Tarre

    hahaha! number 13 is best!

  • sensei


  • Eric

    The worm (Taiwanese commercial for Thailand) and the tree are not Chinese, they are Taiwanese.

    • ddd

      How poor you! forgot your ancestors.

  • santos

    o santos vai ser campeao brasileiro


    Where are the POCKY Commercial?????????

    Anata mo watashi mo Pockin is a classic. ;D

  • And the UFO Noodle…

    well, there a many great japanese ads, its not easy to create a list .D

  • Steven Hourie

    What about the “Sappuro Ichiban” noodles commercial

  • Priness

    JAPANESE people are so funny,
    the copyer #2 was funny because it
    happend to me!

  • Your mom

    haha lmao i like number 13 its so funny cuz me and my friends did shit like that once when we were high


    You know what, I am a student of Japanese also, and I think you people need to get off your High Horse and get over the fact that some of these comercials are not Japanese. It doesnt really matter, Just because this guy doesnt quite know enough about Japanese doesnt mean he cant try to compile a list of funny comercials for us to watch. And by the way thanks for the funny comercials I loved them.


    P.S. And number one is Japanese FOX, some Japanese student. HaHaHa ^_^

  • Hi all!!! Cool site!!!

  • deINO

    20,16,15,14,10,07 aren’t no longer available on youtube – could you post a new links to them?

  • MAKI

    #01 is actually Japanese.
    I’m Japanese, and they speak Japanese in #01.

  • Greg

    Number two (2) is a gas!

  • Lynette

    loved the videos…thanks!!!!!!!

  • Luann

    One question. Where do I get some of that milk? LOL

  • soberider

    Thanks, funny stuff! And to all you jerkoffs that complain about the authenticity…..who cares whether they are genuine Japanese or not? Find something important to gripe about

  • Madruga

    Hy from Romania . I saw all of them , but some weren`t avaible anymore . Anyway , those commercials roocjs . Good job .

  • Amir Ghahrai

    I have seen better. I have been making tv comercials for over 16 years. Mostly in Iran. I think comedy works best , when it comes to comercials. I think the Luke Skywalker was funny, althogh I did not understand the consept.
    Thanks Amir

  • Shko

    HAHAH Horuden You dumb F***. You were trying to type daisuki as in, “I really like” but you actually wrote characters meaning “big oportunity.”

    And why shouldnt people complain about these vids not actually being from Japan. The point is not where the videos are from, it is about the retarded ignorent people who lump together anyone asian as being the same, and then brand them with labels such as, ‘funny’; which, as a description is a pathetic attempt to disguise the fact that you actually look down on the said group as inferior.

    The simple fact is that actually you are damned ignorent if you cant distinguish Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.

    It wouldnt surprise me if you couldnt tell the difference between French, German, Russian either.

  • you had me suicidal, suicida. Nurit Hailey.

  • wow, very weird, but cool

  • Dare to take pictures when I am at some restroom, or public bathroom. You are not going to like my reaction at all.

  • exochikaa

    Ah, I was about to comment that some aren’t Japanese CMs, but you already know that. 🙂

    Here’s probably the worst Japanese commercial I’ve EVER seen in my life:

    Seriously…it freaks me out. O__O;;;

  • From Japan

    15 is Fuji TV program. Not commercial.

    14 HongKong commercial.

    9 Thailand commercial.

    6 Thailand commercial.

    5 Not Japan commercial.

    4 Taiwan commercial.

    3 Korean commercial.

    2 Not Japan commercial.

    1 Not Japan commercial.

  • K

    That Inochi thing is a short done by Takashi Murakami, the artist.

  • pockinna baby

    N. 2 is a French commercial aired in France.
    Mikado is the name of a licensed version of the Japanese snack called Pocky. A french biscuit manufacturer bought license rights from the original Japanese company (Glico) and manufacture a version they call Mikado in Europe.

    The reason its set in Japan is because the name of the French version of Pocky, mikado, is a Japanese word, which is also the name of a game played with wood sticks, in France. So many Mikado commercials are set in Japanese settings. However most French people believe Mikado is a French brand and don’t know its a licensed version of a Japanese one.

    If you type pocky cm on youtube you will be able to see real Pocky commercials.

  • There’s no oto-san, buu.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha these comments, oh man.