''What We Still Don't Know'' – Documentary

”What we still don’t know” is a documentary from Channel4 that details how cosmologists investigate the delicate mathematical balance of the universe and its strange accuracy. It explores modern and old ideas, trying to give sense to our existance through a scientific explaination. It is a very interesting documentary that I am sure is going to make you think for some time. I just hope it does not make you depressed of your existance. VIDEO->

Via Channel4

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  • anonymous

    i saw this awhile back, very intersesting stuff

  • Patrick

    Nice one

  • legend85

    makes me wonder if our universe could have been made in a lab…..

  • legend85

    it might be cool to have a ghost in the shell type future…

  • Jim

    Is this available on DVD?

  • SweNick

    Fine tuned my arse.
    It’s all relative. Change one factor and all others change too.
    Change ONLY one factor and it’s relation to others cease to exist.
    Change relations and presto, you’ve got a different universe.