Will it Blend? iPod Edition

Remember the “50 marbles in a blender?” previously posted? Now we get to see an iPod blended! The “out of common” Blendtec guy decided to blend his old 4G iPod and wants to sell the remains on Ebay. VIDEO->

Via Gizmodo

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  • Nick

    That was painful to watch :'(

    Poor little iPod

  • legend85

    blend the zune….. BLEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • asd

    Blend PS3!! Please >:D

  • armin

    i dont tink the ps3 will fit…

  • LOL that was fantastic! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Coomie

    he didnt demo if the ipod actually worked or not, could of been already a broken ipod that was bought on ebay for cheap.