10 Supposedly Futuristic Technologies in Movies that Look so Dated Now

The list includes some of my favorite movies of all time! But you have to admit that some of these ‘futuristic’ technologies are from a future you’d want no part of.

  1. Alien’s MU-TH-UR 6000
  2. Back to the Future II’s Fax Machine
  3. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’s Death Star Plans
  4. Strange Day’s SQUID
  5. Death Race 2000’s Large Backpack Camera Unit
  6. Escape from New York’s Wire Frame Map
  7. Total Recall’s Robot Driven Taxis
  8. Barbarella’s Portable Brain Wave Detector
  9. Blade Runners’ Public Video Phone
  10. Star Trek: Nemesis’ Argo Buggy



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