3D-Printed Peugeot Fractal Has Cutting Edge i-Cockpit with Holographic Heads-Up Interface

We introduce to you the Peugeot Fractal – a 3D printed electric car from the future.


The newest Peugeot concept car was developed in collaboration with sound designer Amon Tobin. It not only has a unique sound signature, but also a holographic head-up interface, along with a “9.1.2” system comprised of 13 speakers and bass systems built into each seat.

Nearly 80% of the vehicle’s interior trim was made using a 3D printer.




According to Auto Evolution:

The car has very nice proportions with that long bonnet and short overhangs and the multitude of creases somehow doesn’t make it look excessively busy. It’s also got the right balance of aggressiveness that makes it appeal to a broader range of customers. If we’re talking motivation, since this was an unofficial leak there is no new info on what’s powering the Fractal, but a closer look at the dashboard reveals a 62% battery charge icon next to a 98 km (61 miles) range indicator. That should mean the Fractal is a full-electric vehicle with a total range in the region of 160 km (100 miles).






Via TechEBlog

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