6,500 Year Old Voices Recorded In Pottery

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This is simply amazing, researchers from Belgium have been able to extract voices and sounds from a pottery that is 6,500 year old. The person making the pottery at the time was using something very sensible to vibrations which recorded the sound vibrations on the pottery. This amazing video is in French so I hope you will not mind. However at the end of the video there is a recording shown and you can hear somebody laughing from 6,500 years ago. Scam or no scam ? One of our readers said it was a scam ! : )

Since they have more than one pottery to examine, and if the results are of a good audio quality they are willing to put everything on CD for the public. Next thing you know, a guy from 6,500 laugh is on MTV !

This is the link from the original video file and not from YouTube.com
Via TheRawFeed

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