World’s first Adidas +F50 TUNIT modular Soccer cleats


Today adidas proudly introduces a soccer footwear revolution, the +F50 TUNIT. This new soccer boot concept allows players to customize, adapt and tune their boots to any weather, any pitch and their very own personal style. The revolutionary +F50 TUNIT is easily constructed from three interchangeable components: the upper, the chassis and the studs. Each component comes in a variety of styles and functions. Simply by mixing and matching their components of choice, each player can easily build and tune their boots.







Every player will be able to tune his own footwear. Choosing from a wide range of exciting uppers in bold colors, determining fit and comfort by selecting an ideal chassis and by perfectly adjusting their studs to the characteristics of the pitch. The +F50 TUNIT adapts to your own preferences. It’s a boot for all conditions, tailored to your very own personal style.

If i don’t get my self these cleats for my summer games I think that i will die !

The black ones look so beautiful, thats what i call art !


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