A Car Enthusiast Managed to Build a “Rally Fighter” Capable of Tackling Any Terrain

1-month of hard work and $100,000 investment – a true car enthusiast stops at nothing to create his dream vehicle.


Russell White, from Texas, proves that with his custom street-legal “Rally Fighter”.

The building process started with a completely bare car frame. It was supplied by Local Motors and turned into a car in just 30 days.

White said:

The engine is from a Corvette and the Camaro SS – it’s got a 430 horsepower GM crank motor and 20 inches of travel suspension that allows for driving really fast in the desert. It has 420 foot pounds of torque, and passes all state emissions, comes with everything you need to install, run and get it on the road. The steering wheel is a Momo wheel, and the column is out of an F150.





Via TechEBlog

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