AirPod – Car That Runs On Air

It’s not the first one and it certainly won’t be the last, the AirPod is aimed to cost at full production around $10,000 and all you need to run it is…air. And the best thing of all, it drives with a joystick. Also related: “Air Engines“, “Air Motorbike

With small size, a tiny price, zero pollution, fun and futuristic design, AIRPod mark a turning point in the range of urban vehicles while renewing the idea of the automobile and transportation. You can drive with a joystick, it only costs one euro per 200 km and leaves no one indifferent in crept in traffic.

It is a real breath of fresh air in our cities and the prelude to travel without pollution. Its small size make it easy to park, keeping still a large internal volume. AIRPod help us to forget the price of petrol.

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