Army Tests Self-Driving Tank

The U.S. Army tests robotic, self-driving 20 Tons Strykers which basically are tanks with tires. A vehicle successfully stayed in a 22/Mph convoy that traveled 100 miles and made 68 right turns. The Strykers use an array of sensors, ladar-laser radar, forward-looking infrared sensors, and advanced computers to handle autonomous navigation. GPS was not used.

“There are two avenues that the Army is pursuing. The near-term objective is to automate the function of driving in a convoy vehicle.” Soldiers will remain in the vehicles for now, but by placing a vehicle on auto-pilot, the driver will be able to perform other duties or rest. The long-term objective is to create dedicated unmanned ground vehicles.

I suppose this is their way of saying – We want to stop our soldiers to die from convoy attacks -.
Via U.S Army & TheRawFeed

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