Chesapeake Light Craft Camper-Trailer Kit

Designed by a boat-builder, the teardrop camper-trailer kit from Chesapeake Light Craft. The “teardrop” trailer is a small camper.

“The result is the 5′ x 8′ (1.5 x 2.4m) teardrop you see here, and it’s a lot more elegant than the common “canned ham” teardrop designs. Drawn around a 60 x 80″ (1.5 x 2m) air mattress, this little camper is small on the outside but surprisingly roomy on the inside. Two adults up to 6’6″

(198cm) can stretch out in great luxury. Large doors on both sides and a 15″ square hatch on the roof provide easy access and copious ventilation. There’s room for a 12-volt electrical system to run lights, fans, a stereo, and charging plugs for devices.” Prices start at $1995.





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