Chinese Army Sent Flamethrowers to Destroy Huge Wasp Nest

Killer wasps have been all over the news lately since they have attacked and killed Chinese farmers. These are not ordinary wasps, they are giant killer wasps that measure 1.5 inch. Check out those attacks here. In response to that the Chinese army has ordered a few very powerful flamethrowers to combat the problem. And when I say powerful, we are talking about 130 lbs (59 kgs) of recoil. That is why in the video you see another soldier placing the flamethrower over his shoulder. This is one mean machine!

Chinese Army Flamethrower Training

With 130 lbs of recoil, this is what you get with untrained soldiers. Some serious muscle is needed!

U.S Army Flamethrower

It seems that the U.S flamethrower has less recoil but it also looks like it has less reach.

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