Could Malaysia Flight MH370 Have Experienced Bermuda Triangle Effect?

The story of the Malaysia flight MH370 has the world talking and worrying. There are many speculations as to what might have happened. But how would we react and what would we speculate if the flight disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? What kind of speculations would then arise? What if flight MH370 encountered another Bermuda Triangle in the Indian Ocean? If it sounds like science fiction to you then remember that there are numerous strange and recorded occurrences in that region which are a mystery to this day. Check out the story of this pilot back in 1970 and how he has experienced the triangle.

One of the most well-known encounters in the Bermuda Triangle happened to Bruce Gernon Jr. on December 4, 1970. Bruce and his father had built up a successful real estate brokerage in southern Florida. By his early 20s, Bruce already had about 600 hours flying time and was very familiar with Florida and the Bahamas. However, none of this prepared him for an encounter which over 40 years later still puzzles him.

Secrets and Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle

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