Creationists Please Understand That There Was No First Human

I am so tired of hearing the argument of “change of specie” from creationists. It’s as if they discovered the one flaw in the theory of evolution that proves that science is wrong. But sadly they are just misinformed. They argue that science has no concrete evidence that a specie turns into another and that the change of “kind” happens. They practically want to see the first human being in a fossil. Actually, I think that they want to see a fossil that plays like a video, a rock-fossil-video for them to consider evolution a fact. But evolution happens with such small changes that there is no such thing as a first human or a specific instant of change of kind, it all makes sense once you take in consideration time and micro-change. But that concept is difficult for creationists, they want the big picture, the Hollywood buster of a proof. So I hope this video makes some people understand why there isn’t such a thing as a first human. And remember, evolution doesn’t disprove god, it just disproves religion. Having said that I do admit that religion has some intriguig facts and things that it has figured out way before science. Check out 5 things that religion has figured out before science here.

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