Education Reinvented With Use of Videos

I recently had a heated discussion with my best friend about the effectiveness of educating yourself through videos as compared to books and traditional systems. When I stumbled on this video, I couldn’t resist posting it because this is the ultimate idea behind video education which I had no idea it existed when me and my friend talked about the subject. Obviously both systems have its advantages.

I was leaning towards video education and he was more towards books. We know how effective the traditional systems are because they have been tested, what we don’t know is how effective education through video can be. And this is where the Khan Academy comes in with staggering results; reinventing education and making use of technology to adminsiter lessons in a very different way. Apart from video lessons, Khan Academy offers a very different educational software that tracks and lets students progress only once they grasp a concept 100% on their own time. Perhaps changing our evolution and making more kids smarter considering that less kids are now left behind and more geniuses are to be discovered. As the inventor of the academy Khan Salaman says, with this system kids who are traditionally thought to be slow and put in a another class are now given more time and show to be just as good as the other kids. What type of education would you prefer for yourself? Books or Videos?

You should try their Practice Ground and see the software in action, test yourself and see how far you can go or even better, pick a topic that you always wanted to learn but never had the time or money to do it, take your time and educate yourself, its free.

Here is a sample of one of the videos Khan has made but you can find hundreds of clips from basic maths to the most complex physics.

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