Electric Crazy Carts Allow Kids to Drift

When I was a kid we didn’t have electric powered scooters or karts. We did have hills and curved steep streets as well as cardboard boxes. Yes, that was fun, sliding down the hill in a cardboard box was the most amazing thing in life until some dude picked up a soda can, crushed it and started kicking it to us. Then we played football, joga bonito, soccer as they call it in North America. That was life! Now these spoiled kids get to ride in electric karts that allow them to even drift!

Razor has partnered exclusively with Toys R Us to debut the most exciting electric ride-on in years: the Crazy Cart! What you see is what you get… the Crazy Cart really allows drivers to move and drift in every direction!
The original concept for the Crazy Cart came about over 7 years ago, but the powers-that-be were skeptical that people would understand what it is/does, let alone want to buy one; so this amazing concept sat on the shelves for years… until now! Toys R Us has decided to give the Crazy Cart a chance in the second half of 2013 and are now selling the Crazy Cart on ToysRUs.com and in select stores.

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