Fox News Installs 55 Inch iPads Into Their News Room

The new Fox News situation room is not a prank because they really decided to introduce 55-inch touch screens that look like iPads. They will have people work on them all day long. Does this look ridiculous or what?

In a video tour, Shepard Smith reveals the extraordinarily high-tech engineering behind his brand-new “Fox News Deck” and, we must say, the whole thing looks a bit like the bridge of the USS Enterprise.

Decked out with humongous computer screens as workstations, the new studio utilizes “groundbreaking” software that will track social media networks to find, verify, and engage with breaking news items. The highly-polished white floors and walls only add to the futurist look of the studio — one that was clearly built to pop and sparkle on your TV screen.

Giving a walking tour of the studio and its brief history, Smith goes over many of the same details he explained to Mediaite when he declared the new system to be “revolutionary” for the state of news.

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