Freestyle Slalom Skateboard Might be Strangest Ever

Have you ever skated on a slalom skateboard? This one you simply have to give a try!


The movement of the board is a lot like skiing – riders push off the ground, place their feet on either side of the back wheel, and lean side-to-side to propel the scooter forward. In order to stop, you can hold  on to the built-in handle, and place a foot on the ground.


According to Hammacher:

The slalom skateboard has a lightweight ABS polymer frame aerodynamically shaped to reduce drag. The 20″ diameter pneumatic back tire has steel spokes and high-grade bicycle tire treads for traversing streets and sidewalks while the PU skateboard-style front wheel swivels for optimal control while turning or racing forward in a serpentine motion.


Via TechEBlog

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