Haizea Concept Car


IED is now well established as one of the top international automotive design schools. Each year they have one of their designs displayed at the Geneva Car Show. This year, the concept car project is named Haizea. Focusing on the Lancia brand this car is really one of a kind.

The model is full scale, and features – according to the project – central engine and rear wheel drive, with the front wheels housing two electric motors to achieve an optimum weight distribution.

The cabin was designed as a central element developed longitudinally. It absorbs crash energy in case of accident and provides anchor points for the seats and dashboard. The style is based on mass asymmetry.

Whatever they did to the inside and electronics of the car I do not care ! It looks so good from the outside that to me they could have made a 1979 Fiat from the inside.




Via Gizmag

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