World's first dual suspension folding bike


Onyerbike an innovative company is producing a dual suspension bike that is foldable. It is beleived that no other dual susension bike has ever been made with the ability to fold. They offer four full size and full functionality bikes, which finally are easy to transport.

From Gizmag -> The bikes are being sold to “anyone who wants a fully-functional bike but suffers from confined space living,” said Onyerbike’s Darren Tomkinson. “People are buying them for the dorm or barracks, boat, camper, motorhome but mainly for apartment living,” said Tomkinson. “They offer on-and off-road capabilities and you can adjust the suspension very quickly to get the best set-up for both. The killer-app is the combination of full size, full-capability and folding – it’s clearly been something the public has wanted for some time.”
Via Gizmag

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