How To Save Gas – Drafting?

Gas prices are getting ridiculous and it doesn’t seem like they will go down anytime soon. Here is a few tips that you can use to save gas. The last tip is “drafting” which is to go behind an 18-wheeler and kill the engine as you enter its slipstream. You would be getting pulled by the truck without using your gas. I can’t advise anyone to use drafting because its dangerous and you might get a ticket for being to close to the truck. TIPS & VIDEO->
1.Easy on the accelerator. Follow the speed limit.
2.Take the extra weight off in your trunk.
3.Get a tune up and use lighter weight oil.
4.Keep your tires properly inflated.
5.Don’t leave the engine on in the drive through waiting for your meal.
6. Get a fuel economy gauge like the “ScanGauge. Real time gas meter.
7.Turn off your engine when downhill driving.
8.Take it easy on the breaks, keep slow creep instead of stoping and breaking.
9.Drive with air conditionning off.
10. Drafting -> VIDEO

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