Neat U.F.O Chair Design Makes You Want to Chill

I don’t know about you but there are times where I just like to rest, not do anything other than sit and relax. This U.F.O looking chair inspires me to do just that. Looks like a great design and has a rocking ability to put the baby in you to sleep. Source

The U.F.O. Rocking Chair, which stands for unidentified furniture object, has a spherical base which allows the rocking chair to remain balanced no matter what; even when someone is sitting inside. Despite its large size, the U.F.O. Rocking Chair still manages to rock freely yet steadily in a rhythmic and relaxing pattern. A single push of your foot will ignite the rocking chair allowing it to swivel and move. The U.F.O. Rocking Chair comes in your choice of a red or navy interior with both coming with a shiny black base. Handmade in Italy using the finest materials, the U.F.O. Rocking Chair is a simple yet sound design.

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