Power Paper Stores Electricity and Can Recharge in Seconds

The plastic-looking ‘Power paper’ is made entirely from organic materials and has extraordinary abilities.


The new material was developed by Swedish researchers. Just a small 6-inch piece of it can store 1F (farad), recharge in seconds, and be charged hundreds of times.

Unlike batteries we currently use, this new super capacitor is made from sustainable materials – renewable cellulose and a readily available polymer.



Inhabitat reports:

The process begins with cellulose, which is subjected to high-pressure water and broken down into nano fibers. Then, an electrically charged polymer is added to the water solution, where it forms a thin coating around the fibers. The paper is also lightweight, waterproof and can be produced in thick sheets. It requires none of the heavy metals or toxic materials that are found in many traditional batteries and capacitors.





Via TechEBlog

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