FDA Approves Xstat Device That Plugs Gunshot Wounds Instantly and Can Stop Bleeding in Seconds

The syringe-like XStat is a new wound treatment tool that just got an FDA approval.


The device can stop bleeding almost instantly. It uses tiny sponges injected directly into the wound, as close to the artery as possible. Those expand and fill the entire cavity.

The sponges also contain X-shaped markers that can be detected by an X-ray machine so none are left behind in the body later on.

The syringe itself is made from lightweight polycarbonate, and comes in 30-millimeter or 12-millimeter versions.


The ‘Veti-gel’, a similar product that stops bleeding instantly, has been announced by Suneris Inc, an American biotechnology company.

It is a plant-based haemophilic polymer made from polysaccharides that form a wound-sealing mesh. The gel can be used on external, as well as internal wounds.

Suneris Inc plans to release the gel for the military and the emergency medicine market first.






Via TechEBlog

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