Relaxing Labyrinth Toy – Zenth

Zenth is a sculptural labyrinth designed to quiet the mind and provide relief from day-to-day stressors and distractions.

For centuries, people have walked though labyrinths to relax, exercise patience and add mindfulness to their day. Zenth follows in these footsteps to provide the same kind of relaxation for work or for home. When unused, it sits on three corners as a beautiful desk or shelf accessory. When in use, it is a tool to refocus priorities, exercise patience, or simply help people take a quick break from their day.

A stainless steel ball follows a 3D walled path through three intersecting plains. Users rotate Zenth, using gravity to roll the ball through the labyrinth. Zenth is not a puzzle. There is nothing to be solved or figured out, only a single path in to the center and back out to the rim. The path is varied enough to require some spacial reasoning, but simple enough as not to be difficult, providing a perfect balance of engagement without frustration. Completion of the labyrinth takes about five minutes.


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