Rodin Coil – Quantum Interaction & Perpetual Energy

rodin coil
To be quite honest I am not too sure what to make of this considering that I am not an electrician or a physicist. However it seems to me that this is pretty incredible. A normal copper coil has a somewhat simple wire arrangement but the Rodin Coil is rather different. The Rodin Coil consists of a pair of wires wrapped around a doughnut-shaped core in a star pattern. Marko Rodin claims this particular design, deduced from his number theory, yields different electromagnetic properties than any other coil – enabling it to create perpetual energy, and thus breaking fundamental laws of physics. Could it really be possible that this magnetic ball is spinning continuously away from the coil even when it is turned off and what would be the implications of such a discovery?

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  1. PJSB November 9, 2010