Scientists Create Text on Water Surface

Just as we thought that we have discovered everything about water and exploited all forms of entertainment from it, researchers came up with a way to draw text and pictures on the surface of the precious liquid. The circular device has 50 water wave generators that act as pixels when they move up and down simultaneously. It is capable of spelling the entire roman alphabet and some charachters. -> Each letter can stay on the surface for a moment but it can be reproduced every 3 seconds. And as you can imagine it is all controlled by a pretty neat comp which performs the calculations for this device based on ”Bessel Function”. They hope that the devices seduce hotels and water attraction parks. Personally, I see this thing infront of the Bellagio in Las Vegas…

If anyone has a video or more information about this, post us a comment.

Via FukiSankei & GizmoWatch

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