SlightestTouch – sex iPod ?


This is not an iPod but it does look like one on their advertisment. A Texas based company is bringing pleasurable solutions to the world. What is beleived to be the first of it’s kind, the SlightestTouch is a hand-held device that attaches to the ankles. It stimulates nerves associated with arousal. Designed for women this could perhaps give some interesting ideas to Apple if they want to reach more female costumers. : )

The device attaches to the ankles via two electrode pads, and sends minute electrical charges at the same frequencies the nervous system uses to signal sexual arousal to the pelvic region.

Unlike other sexual aids, the ‘Slightest touch’ does not bring on orgasm, but induces a pre-orgasmic state and it seems that it is very efficient in doing that. Bringing amazing feelings to a woman for long periods of time.

Via SlightestTouch


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  1. Daniel Young February 20, 2006
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