Solu is World’s Smallest General Purpose Computer with a Built-in Touchscreen Display

We introduce to you Solu – the four-inch wide wooden block that could change the way people use computers for good.


According to entrepreneur Kristoffer Lawson, computers haven’t changed much in 20 years. They still consist of a box and a screen. Tablets are devices of their own and not as powerful as a computer. And here is where Solu steps in to change the scene.

This small wooden block not only has an edge-to-edge touchscreen display, but inside there’s a powerful 2.3GHz processor. You can use it on its own. Or you could pair it with a keyboard and 4K display. Solu’s touchscreen then acts as an input device instead of a mouse.




According to the info in the company’s Kickstarter:

Your content is automatically stored in a multi-GB local cache of the Solu cloud. With the SoluOS you don’t have to manage your computer or worry about your IT infrastructure. SoluOS also backs up all settings, and the state of the Solu itself, so you can swap to a new device straight away if something goes wrong, if for instance if you drop your Solu in a river. Solu’s unique human-machine interface rethinks the way people use computers. Drawing inspiration from the way the human brain works, the zoomable interface allows you to organize projects and applications with natural gestures.


solu-computer1 solu-computer2 solu-computer3


Via TechEBlog

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