The BvS 10 Amphibious Vehicle – Two Tanks Combined and More

You can think of the latest BAE Systems Land & Armaments’s product as two tanks in one. But it’s more than that.


The BvS 10 (Viking) is an all-terrain armored vehicle consisting of two main units. It allows for various upgrades and installations according to the specific operational requirements. Those include add-on armor, a range of weapon mounts and load changers, and standard cargo platforms.

Bolt-on armor plates provide protection against 7.62mm armor piercing rounds and 152mm artillery shell fragments from a range of more than 10m.

The Viking can ford through up to 15-meter deep water without any preparation. If swimming deeper is needed, the vehicle is ready in less than two minutes – just closing holes and fitting a front vane to prevent a bow wave washing over the front windows.





Via TechEBlog 

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