Thermite T3 is World’s First Fire-Fighting Robot able to Deliver 1200-Gallons of Water or Foam Per Minute

Is Thermite 3.0 properly announced as the “world’s first practical fire-fighting robot”?


The robot is so small, it could  fit inside a normal elevator, and even drive through a 36″ wide door. It could also  deliver up to 1,200-gallons of water or foam per minute at 150psi.

Thermite’s body is based on Howe and Howe Tech RS1-D2 US ARMY I.E.D. defeat robot. The chassis is proven to be super durable throughout years of military explosive ordinance testing.

A “flip-top” platform ensures maintenance and modification are a breeze. Other features: multiple integrated HD analog video cameras and optional infrared FLIR.




Via TechEBlog

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