TOP 10 Bored Construction Workers

Construction workers get bored just like the rest of us. The only difference is that they got some pretty nifty toys to play around and kill their boredom. They are also very talented because it takes some degree of talent to execute such tricks. Check out also the “Crane lifting a crane who lifts another crane while one more crane is lifting all the cranes“.

1 – Only in Russia an Excavator is a Ride

2 – In Italy Women Get Undressed by Heavy Equipment

3 – The Circus Excavator

4 – High Precision Excavator

5 – We Don’t Need No Disneyland

6 – The Master of Balance

7 – The Man Who Feared No Trenches

8 – The Dude Who Likes to Spin

9 – Robotic Arms Are Fun

10 – Years of Experience Unloading Things

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