Ubuntu Phone OS Demoed

Ubuntu Phone, demonstration,

Even if you haven’t been following the smartphone scene, you probably know a couple or so mobile operating systems out there. There’s iOS powering the ubiquitous iPhone and other i-devices. There’s Android which runs smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and the like. There’s also BlackBerry OS though we’re still waiting for BB10, the OS which Research In Motion hopes will turn its fortunes around. You also probably know Symbian which Nokia decided to kill following its switch to Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. However, there are little known operating systems out there that are yet to be officially launched.

In this video, we see one in action: the version of Ubuntu that’s destined to power smartphones. The question running through our minds here at High T3ch, however, is whether this – along with other mobile operating systems in the works like Firefox OS and Tizen – has space in the already crowded mobile OS scene. What do you think?

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