XSR 48 Military Interceptor Has .50-Caliber Machine Gun Hidden Under the Deck, Might be Coolest Boat Yet

The XSR’s 48 military interceptor – a boat promoted as the “world’s most advanced performance, pursuit and patrol vessel”.


The composite hull includes Kevlar armour and gives increased strength with a lighter weight. If an enemy ship is within  range, the .50-caliber machine gun emerges from the forward hull, remotely controlled from the cockpit. In addition to the chief machine gun, other weaponry could be mounted in the rear cockpit. The boat comes equipped with a small galley, fridge and stretcher positions.



The boat comes also equipped with a small galley, fridge and stretcher positions. The larger model has four bunks, it can carry up to 12 additional passengers, and has a range of 1,000 nautical miles.


Via TechEBlog

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