Discover The Super Cow

Through selective breeding farmers in Belgium have developed a very large and muscular cow. Its not given steroids to grow or anything in that kind, it is the result of breeding and only selective breeding. VIDEO->

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  • Shadow

    Holy ‘cow’ so-to-speak. geez.. i am a steak eater, like, i would eat steak for breakfast lunch and dinner, and even snack on it inbetween meals if i could. and that… is one freakin awesome cow. imagine the quality of meat you would get from it. and without steroids or any of that fake stuff. awesome

  • In soviet russia, cow eats you? That’s one scary-muscular cow!

  • i love super cows they make me want to be a better person and fatter and musclier because they look so cool, i want to be homozygous etc. and selective breed with the type i want… a tall dark guy that i will find in the sewer or the toilet paper section at pak n’ save

  • ECO

    This is disgusting… those poor cows must have such a hard time moving around. This is what we do to poor animals? I cant believe that this is what its coming down to.