Possible Treatments For Cancer – DCA & Immunotherapy?

cancer cure immunotherapy dca
I browse through alot of content on the web to get the best posts for HighT3ch. It takes time but it also gives me the chance to absorb fascinating content on many different subjects. It stimulates my mind and grows my knowledge. One particularly interesting and reoccurring subject I stumble upon is cancer cures. In 2006 I came across an article with a possible cancer vaccine but I never heard of the research again. Just recently two cancer cures stuck in my head, immunotherapy (wiki) and DCA (wiki). VIDEO->DCA (Dichloroacetic acid) is a drug that a Canadian researcher, Dr. Evangelos Michelakis, University of Alberta, made successful trials with on human cells but since it is not patented and nobody can make profit on it, they are unable to get funding. It really seems like it is the cure we were waiting. Immunotherapy is another high potential subject, according to some sources it was used by the renowned Egyptian physician Imhotep in ancient Egypt. Also Dr. William B. Coley and his famous cancer killing concoction that stimulated the immune system to kill cancer cells was documented to be extremely successful but never followed by main stream medicine due to a lack of understanding in the immune system (details). With so much information and so many promising cures these are the two cures that I found best suited for somebody looking for alternatives to main stream medicine. After my father’s death from lung cancer and seeing what he went through, surgery and chemotherapy I must believe that there are better ways, less intrusive ways, less primitive ways to cure cancer. I am certain of it, its just a matter of time if it isn’t already there with DCA or immunotherapy.

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